​​Merolz was established in 2016 mainly focusing on formulating, producing and marketing the beauty skin products which the ingredients are much suitable to all type of skin. Botanical Extracts Formula is all the ingredients used by Merolz. They won’t harm your skin as the nature-based ingredients have been used in cosmetic in many years before. SANDALWOOD EXTRACT is the main ingredient for Merolz skin care product. It has been used since over four thousand years ago, making it among the oldest-known materials used for fragrances, cosmetics and personal care products. Suitable for all type skin types and can treat all types of skin ailment. SANDALWOOD has amazing benefits for treating a host of skin problems as well as for beauty treatment. The best thing about it is that it suits all skin types.

It is an extremely valuable and versatile gift nature has been given. By using sandalwood ingredients in the merolzbeautyhq product, it generates healthy glowing skin. Sandalwood is used in powder, paste and oil extract form and can treat numerous skin ailments like acne, pimples, dark spots, dark circles, after marks etc. It is widely used by cosmetic industry for products like soaps, powder, creams etc. The result from a cclinical trial published in 2012 revealed that sandalwood oil is an effective treatment for facial acne. The team of Merolz consist of expertise from different background and different experience in beauty skin products, but we are moving towards the same aim for Merolz under the most inspiring tagline which is “Luxury..Beauty..You”.


To be a company of happy people with fresh and glowing look

The commitment to BEAUTIFY and DELIGHT every client and our Associates in a way that creates loyalty.

​Luxury. Beauty. You